Jem & Nils

March 1, 2022
You are now Husband & Wife!! Bride & Groom exit their wedding ceremony

Just like in a fairytale, Jem & Nils knew they were meant for each other the minute they locked eyes at their best friend’s wedding in GOA. After coming back to Mumbai they started hanging out together. Their friends could instantly gauge their feelings and from two different souls they became one.

Watching them have fun through their wedding journey was amazing! Whether it was her composure and his enthusiasm, her elegance and his style, her smile and his kiss – they danced, laughed and lived together every moment of the process and we enjoyed capturing every memory of the process. And as we did that, we realised that “Marriage isn’t about two people, it’s about two families” and Both Nilesh and Jem wanted their family to share their happiness.

They got married thrice in a span of 6 months; Court wedding in September followed by Hindu wedding in January and the grand finale Church wedding in February. A close gang of friends outnumbered the family members and guaranteed laughter riots. The energy level was contagiously high and it kept getting better as the ceremony proceeded. The rituals were the best part when the couple had so much fun. What we loved the most was the couple’s spontaneity. All through the wedding, they never missed a chance to glance secretly or laugh out loud. Looking at their pictures one could easily sense the thread of excitement that weaves their fabulous love story.

Church Wedding


Hindu Wedding


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